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Montecristo Puritos - pack of 5 - (Machine made)

Montecristo Puritos - pack of 5 - (Machine made)

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Montecristo Puritos – Pack of 5

Indulge in the legacy of Havana with our exquisite Montecristo Puritos, available in a chic pack of five. Each Purito is expertly hand-rolled, capturing the epitome of Cuban mastery in the art of cigar making. Montecristo stands as a byword for excellence and an unmatched smoking sensation. These petite marvels are the embodiment of their larger counterparts, offering a refined, medium-bodied flavour with layers of complexity, from the understated hints of oak to the velvety, nutty bouquet. Ideal for those stolen moments of tranquillity, our Montecristo Puritos are the quintessential luxury for connoisseurs and a splendid foray for those new to the world of premium cigars.

Perfect for celebrating life's milestones or for unwinding after a day’s toil, these Puritos continue a cherished tradition that aficionados have revered for ages. Presented in sophisticated and travel-friendly packaging, they guarantee the distinctive Montecristo essence in every puff.

Product Features:
- Quantity: Pack of 5
- Origin: Cuba
- Length: 4 1/8 inches (105 mm)
- Ring Gauge: 27
- Strength: Medium
- Wrapper: Cuban

Enhance your moments of repose. Add the Montecristo Puritos to your repertoire and experience a rich tapestry of Cuban heritage. Place your order today and cherish the meticulous blend of Montecristo.


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