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Three Bees Honey Infused Gin, 70cl – A Nectarous Delight

Three Bees Honey Infused Gin, 70cl – A Nectarous Delight

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Introducing the "Three Bees Honey Infused Gin", a 70cl embodiment of the serene English summertime. Distilled with the finest botanicals and seamlessly infused with the luscious sweetness of English summer honey, this gin is a velvety-smooth tribute to the beloved bee.

Each glass is a gentle whisper of the countryside, offering a taste that’s both comforting and refreshing. It’s an exemplary choice for the refined drinker who enjoys the mellow moments with a premium cigar, where the subtle sweetness of the gin complements the depth of a good smoke.

Handcrafted with heart in England, our Honey Infused Gin is a liquid poem dedicated to the lazy afternoons and soft twilights of the season. Sip it neat, over ice, or as the base to a tantalising cocktail and toast to the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of tradition. Here’s to the sweet harmony of gin and leisure!

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