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Juliany Blue Line Coronita - "A Compact Gem of Dominican Expertise"

Juliany Blue Line Coronita - "A Compact Gem of Dominican Expertise"

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A Blend of Premium Quality:
Discover the Juliany Blue Line Coronita, a delightful addition to the Juliany cigar range that exemplifies the art of Dominican cigar making. This cigar incorporates extra premium tobacco, providing a deep, streamlined flavour experience that is both smooth and layered. Its composition of high-quality Dominican filler, binder, and a Dominican 2000 wrapper enhances every puff with medium-bodied richness.

Flavorful and Smooth:
Despite its modest size, the Juliany Blue Line Coronita does not compromise on flavour or quality. Offering a medium-strength profile, this cigar is perfect for both new and experienced smokers seeking a smooth yet engaging smoking experience. With hints of spice and pepper, each draw is a testament to the careful selection of tobaccos used in this blend.

Elegantly Crafted:
Measuring at 3 1/2 inches with a 42-ring gauge, the Coronita format is ideal for those moments when time is short but the craving for a quality smoke prevails. Its construction ensures a consistent burn and a comfortable hold, making every smoking session a pleasure.

Ideal for Every Occasion:
Whether you're looking to enjoy a quick smoke break or wish to savour the nuanced flavours of Dominican tobacco without committing to a larger cigar, the Juliany Blue Line Coronita is an excellent choice. It's a testament to the craftsmanship and heritage of Dominican cigar making, packed into a compact size for your convenience and enjoyment.

Embrace the refined taste and exceptional quality of the Juliany Blue Line Coronita, a cigar that promises to deliver a memorable smoking experience every time.

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