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New Town Mixed Spiced Rum – A Carnival of Flavours, 70cl

New Town Mixed Spiced Rum – A Carnival of Flavours, 70cl

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Step right up to the spirited festivities with our "New Town Mixed Spiced Rum", a 70cl bottle teeming with a carnival of flavours. This spirit is a harmonious blend of exotic spices that tickle the tongue and warm the soul, perfect for those who savour life’s zest.

Each sip is a dance of cinnamon, nutmeg, and secret spices that mingle in a rich tapestry of taste, akin to the vibrant buzz of a market square. It’s an ideal companion for a bold cigar, matching strength with strength, spice with smoke.

Crafted for the adventurous palate, our Mixed Spiced Rum invites you to pour a dram, kick back, and luxuriate in the tapestry of flavours. Whether enjoyed neat, with a cube of ice, or as the star in a cocktail, it’s your ticket to a jubilant celebration of spice and spirit. Here's to nights as memorable as they are flavourful!

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