Preserving Your Prized Cigars: How To Store Your Cigar

Preserving Your Prized Cigars: How To Store Your Cigar

Cigar enthusiasts know that proper storage is as crucial as the cigar's quality. Here's how you can preserve the fine cigars you've acquired from The Cigar Shop:

1. Understanding the Importance of Proper Storage:
Havana Cigars, much like fine wines, evolve and improve over time. Thus, storing them under optimal conditions is essential to savour their full potential.


2. Avoiding the Extremes:
Cigars are sensitive to their environment. A dry cigar may burn too quickly, offering a harsh taste, while one that's too moist risks damaging the wrapper and diluting its flavour.

3. Ideal Conditions:
The sweet spot for storing Havana Cigars is a temperature range of 16°c to 18°c and a relative humidity of 65-70%. These conditions ensure that your cigars remain in perfect smoking condition.

4. The Role of Humidors:
Humidors are indispensable for cigar storage, ranging from small boxes for a handful of cigars to large walk-in rooms. They maintain the ideal humidity and temperature, preserving your cigars' integrity.

5. Regular Checks:
Frequent inspection of your cigars is vital. They should feel firm yet springy to the touch, indicating they are neither too dry nor too moist. Many connoisseurs prefer the tactile method of checking cigars over using a hygrometer.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that every cigar from The Cigar Shop remains a luxurious experience, ready to be enjoyed at its best whenever you choose to indulge.

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